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 WOTLK Pressure Progression [Updated 29/10/2010]

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WOTLK Pressure Progression [Updated 29/10/2010] Empty
PostSubject: WOTLK Pressure Progression [Updated 29/10/2010]   WOTLK Pressure Progression [Updated 29/10/2010] EmptySat Aug 28, 2010 2:26 pm

The Pressure progression thread , which will be updated on a weekly basis.

ICC Heroic 10 Man Progression
Storming The Citadel [H] 4/4 [Completed]
The Plagueworks [H] 3/3 [Completed]
The Crimson Hall [H] 2/2 [Completed]
Frostwing Halls [H] 2/2 [Completed]
Lich King [N] 1/1 [Completed]
Lich King [H] 1/1 [Completed]

The Ruby Sanctrum Progression
Ruby Sanctrum [N] 4/4 [Completed]
Ruby Sanctrum [H] 4/4 [Completed]

Other Achievements

Observed [Completed]
Glory of the Ulduar Raider [Completed]
The Immortal [Completed]
Glory of the icecrown raider [Completed]
Champion of the Ulduar [Completed]

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WOTLK Pressure Progression [Updated 29/10/2010]
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