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PostSubject: please take me   please take me EmptyFri Jun 24, 2011 1:06 am

Real Name: Danny
Age: 23
Location: UK

Link to Armory Profile: Use the new battle.net links instead of Armory:

Explain your gear, gems, enchants, spec and glyph choices and why you think they are the best for your character.
i study my character alot, try different things out and found that what i have is the best that i can, the best that i can be
What are your professions and how do they benifit you in a raid?
alchemy and tailoring ... acl gives good flasks and potions for raiding and tailoring good for making my own gear both at 525

What is your current/previous guild?
current is all nuke skull, i have been in knights of valor and the watch when playing this char as alliance
What can you contribute to Pressure raiding team?
awesome dps and healing, decication, seriousness, knowledgability about fights.
Would you be willing to respec if the raid leader thought it was best for our raid? If not, why?
i would, but i dont think i can be imroved
Your UI and brief explanation of addons you use during a raid
grid recount dbm omen
Post a link of your UI and explain the important addons you're using during a raid. Tinypic.com is a good site for uploading images quickly. Just paste the link here.

explain your most Important Keybinds. Do you click anything?
can i add the next few items later?
You dont need to give us a list of 50 binds and macros but your most used ones are a good start. We're interested in how you play.

Do you have a stable internet connection? Do you ever DC during a raid?
have done maybe twicein last 6 months
10,000 DPS is useless if its only happening 40% of the fight. Be honest in this part please.
between 16-20k
Do you have Ventrilo and headset?
headset yes, can easily instal vent
Raid Availability
Our main raid days are currently Wednesday & Thursday, 20:00 - 23:30 realm time. Please include all days you are available, as members will often set up runs for old content & achievements on off days.
am available for all days/nights

Please explain briefly your experience with raiding in World of Warcraft (and possibly other MMO's)
successful, 11/12 1/12hc
We don't need to know every single guild you've been in and every single raid you've cleared but a brief idea would be nice. Tell us some of your more memorable moments etc.
downing halfus hc was pretty sweet
How do you prepare for a new encounter?
read up tactics, watch videos of it,
How do you stay up to date with your class mechanics?
i research alot online
Is there anything you would like to add or ask us?
im awesome!! and gnomes will rule the world
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please take me
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