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 Mirydon - Paladin - Protection

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PostSubject: Mirydon - Paladin - Protection   Mirydon - Paladin - Protection EmptySun Feb 06, 2011 6:42 am

Real Name: Ian
Age: 38
Location: Belgium

Link to Armory Profile: Use the new battle.net links instead of Armory:

Explain your gear, gems, enchants, spec and glyph choices and why you think they are the best for your character.
Gear is currently a mix of hc drops, JP/VP/rep rewards and crafted items. I can still use some hc drops for minor upgrades, and need to work on TB rep for the trinkets. Gemming and enchanting is done to max survivability. HP is currently at a little over 150k unbuffed to ensure a good HP buffer nor normal raids, all else is either mastery or avoidance (dodge/parry). Reforging has been done on the same principle.
My main spec is also chosen to max survivability, the "WoG build". Offspec is a threat/aoe spec for add offtanking when high threat generation is required, or trivial content. Current glyphs are for general tanking, some can be swapped out for more survivability and/or utility (eg. Glyph of WoG, SoI for survivability).

What are your professions and how do they benefit you in a raid?
JC/BS gives good flexibility to swap out multiple gems (eg. stacking more stamina on heavy progression magic fights). Also, both professions tend to scale best with future patches (epic gems).

What is your current/previous guild?
I transferred from Bloodfeather EU, and am currently in Keepers of Peace (social 'raiding' guild). Before transfer I was in a small social guild, with a nice 10-man progression team, beating Ulduar hardmodes. The 'social' 25-man raids I did with them before and after 3.2 ultimately led to a burnout and I cancelled my subscription for 3 months. Then the group of RL friends I played with transferred to Anachronos, and I followed them. I haven't been actively raiding in Keepers of Peace, mostly due to no progression raiding available, and some minor issues that bother me (eg. allowing unenchanted players in raids).

What can you contribute to Pressure raiding team?
A tank, plain and simple. A tank that knows his class/spec, keeps up to date with theorycrafting, tries his hardest to be the best he can at his job. I love progression raiding, and am prepared to put in the extra effort it requires.

Would you be willing to respec if the raid leader thought it was best for our raid? If not, why?
Yes and no. Yes within Protection, no to Holy or Retribution. I haven never ever healed on any character ever, and I tried Retribution once and sucked so hard I quickly went back to Prot and never returned. If the raid requires a melee dps or healer, I don't mind being replaced. Better take someone who's actually good at his role.

Your UI and brief explanation of addons you use during a raid
. Addons used: Bartender and Xperl for UI. Elkano's Buffbars to separate tank cooldowns where I can easily see them for chaining. Clique for Cleanse, Hands and taunts. Tidy Plates with Threat Plates addon. ZOMGBuffs for buffs and buff warnings. Omen for threat. Recount for basic analysis. Power Auras for some warnings. Bigwigs for raid warnings.

Explain your most Important Keybinds. Do you click anything?
I have a Logitech G13 and a Razer Naga mouse, so most abilities are bound. Out of combat abilities are clicked, as well as Auras and Seals. Most accesible are basic rotations, tank cooldowns and taunts. Only one in-combat macro: bubble apply/cancel.

Do you have a stable internet connection? Do you ever DC during a raid?
I have a 30Mbps cable (soon to be glassfibre) connection that is very stable. I never run anything that might interfere with my connection while raiding (eg. torrent).

Do you have Ventrilo and headset?
Yes and Yes.

Raid Availability
Please be warned that my job sometimes requires me to a) work later than start of raid time, and b) go abroad. Travel abroad is always known beforehand, so not really an issue. Working late can on very rare occasions be without warning, but I have ways to contact the guild from work if it should occur, so the raid will always be warned beforehand.
Wednesday: 99%
Thursday: 99%
Friday: 75%
Saturday: 10%
Sunday: 99%
Monday: 99%
Tuesday: 99%

Please explain briefly your experience with raiding in World of Warcraft (and possibly other MMO's)
See my answer on the current/previous guild question.

How do you prepare for a new encounter?
Tankspot and other Youtube videos. I also check the complete abilities list and tactics on Wowwiki, and look for any tips in the maintakadin.org Tactics section.

How do you stay up to date with your class mechanics?
Maintankadin.org. Nothing can beat it. Whatever EJ says is generally posted first on maintankadin.

Is there anything you would like to add or ask us?
There are a couple of reasons why I'm applying. 1) The lack of serious raiding in my current guild is making me lose interest in the game again. I'm quite serious about raiding and expect others in my raid to be the same. I'm not interested in 'social raiding'. 2) I heard there's a pretty good atmosphere in Pressure. 3) My alltime favourite healer is in your guild.
If you're looking for a tank to fill some gaps in your current roster, please consider my application.
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PostSubject: Re: Mirydon - Paladin - Protection   Mirydon - Paladin - Protection EmptySun Feb 06, 2011 6:47 am

Hyperlink BB code doesn't seem to work for some reason. Using quotes here to post my Armory and UI links.
Quote :
Quote :

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Mirydon - Paladin - Protection
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