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 Chimaeron Tactics

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Tactics for the bad ass doggy .
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPqz0RnL_YU&feature=mfu_in_order&playnext=1&videos=DrWhxH4HanA

*Update* Tactics supposedly changed , check this guide and video for the changes made.


Written Guide
Finkle's Mixture - A buff that prevents you from dying to damage, as long as you are above 10,000 health. This buff is provided by the Bile-O-Tron

Break - Debuff that will stack on the tank. Will cause the tank to take 25% more physical damage. So once a tank reaches 3 or so stacks, make sure the other tank taunts the boss.

Double Strike - When Chimaeron gains this buff, his next melee strike will hit twice. So expect the tank's health to dip low whenever this happens.

Caustic Slime - Does around 150,000 damage and causes splash damage, so raid members should spread out. Will also debuff you with Caustic Slime, causing 75% hit reduction for a few seconds.

Massacre - Hits everyone in the raid with high damage. This ability will bring everyone with Finkle's Mixture to 1 health.

Feud - Everyone must stack on the tank when he begins to channel Feud. The Bile-O-Tron will go offline, so you will no longer have Finkle's Mixture, meaning you are at risk of dying when above 10,000 health now. Once Feud is over, Bile-O-Tron will come back online, so everyone can spread out again.

Mortality - When Chimaeron reaches 20% health, he will enter his burn phase. He will debuff everyone with Morality causing healing to be reduced by 99%, making all healing useless. This is when cooldowns such as Heroism should be used. While in his burn phase, Chimaeron will only use Double Strike.

Things to remember: Spread out, keep everyone above 10,000 health, tanks taunt off each other when
break stacks 3 or so times

Will be updated.
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Chimaeron Tactics
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