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 Applicants Please Read

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PostSubject: Applicants Please Read   Applicants Please Read EmptyMon Aug 02, 2010 10:10 am

If you have chosen to apply to pressure please take the time to read the following information before deciding whether to apply. Having read the information and deciding to apply; you as the applicant decide to follow the terms the guild requires of you.

Firstly id like to point out when posting an application there is no need to register on the site , just make sure you post your character name as the aurthor of the thread.

Raid Times -

  • Wednesday 20:00:23:00
    Thursday 20:00-23;00
    Monday 21:00-24:00
    Tuesday 20:00-23:00

Raid days are not set to stone as were quite casual till cataclysm , be aware achievement runs happens outside the following raid days.

The Raid Leader has the power to extend the following raids till 23:30 which all raiders will be required to attend till. As well as this all raid members are required to attend at least 3 out of the 4 following days.

Applicants be aware of the following

  • Pressure have a mandatory age of 18.
    End game raiding experience , whether its tbc or classic. is required.
    Must require Stable internet connection.
    Pressure is a 10 man raiding guild.
    Gear must be at a level of jumping straight into Hard modes.

What we expect from our raiders:

We tend to be slightly hardcore in the attitude we demand from our players. We ask you to be fully gemmed and properly enchanted, we do not accept flaws in the way you handle your gear.
We ask you to be completely up-to-date on your class, regularly check theorycrafting, or do this yourself, and adjust your specs and gear/statweights accordingly.
In raids, we expect you to learn fast, since we only raid 3-4 days a week, we do not like wiping to unneeded mistakes, excelling in raid awareness and tactical behaviour are extremely important. As such, being able to take criticism and learn from this is a must. Aside from this, watching movies and reading tactics before a raid is a given. Whilst we will of course help our members at any opportunity, we do not intend on Spoon-feeding members for every fight.

On a social aspect, we will not force you to be the guild jester or the smooth-talking awesome guy, but we do expect a certain degree of social abilities, and very much appreciate players that are engaged in our guild and guild politics. We frown upon direct flaming or offensive behaviour, but do expect you to be able to take a certain amount of language in general.

Basic expectations on raids
  • Signing or declining raids via the in game calendar. If declining informing an officer for the reason being.
    Being at the selected raid instance 5 mins prior to raid invite.
    coming prepared , meaning flasked for the full duration of the raid.
    No afking during raids , unless its an emergency or a break.
    Fully focused & aware of tactics for upcoming bosses the guild shall be attempting.

What can you expect from us

A relaxed drama- and rage-free raiding enviroment where you can excel and do what you like, in this case most likely being raiding. We strive to beat new encounters within the 10 man content throughout cataclysm and the current wotlk expansion.

Loot Distribution: Loot Council, this means loot will be given to what most benefits the guild as a whole. Priority on Tiers are given to tanks , for obvious reasons. QQ will not be tolerated.

Any Advice?
Take your time and put as much information into your application as possible , try to be unique and impress us.

Lastly , its important to understand Pressure at no point will be going into 25 man raiding within this expansion or cataclysm.

Good Luck ,

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Applicants Please Read
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